Saturday 21st October
1st XV No Game
2nd XV No Game
3rd XV Ballymoney 4th XV HOME
Training Tuesday & Thursday @Roughfort 7:00pm – 8:30pm 
Mini Rugby – Saturday 21st October

Groups – P1 – P2
Training  @9:15-10:30
The Castle Grounds
690 Antrim Road
Ben Madigan
BT15 5GP

Groups P3- P7 Playing in Larne RFC Blitz.

Meeting @Larne RFC 9:45
P3- P6 First Matches Start 10:00
P7 First Matches Start 10:30

Wednesday 18th October
U10 & U11 Training  @Roughfort 7:15pm – 8:30pm 
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Next Fixtures:  Academy RFC fixtures 2017-18
1st XV 2nd XV 3rd XV
Randalstown Cooke 2 No Game
League Cup
KO 2:30pm KO 2:30pm


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