Chairmans Welcome

Chairmans Welcome

It has been my privilege to have fulfilled the role of Chairman of this remarkable junior club for 6 years. During this period, we have progressed from the lower ranks of qualifying 3 rugby barely fielding 2 sides to our present position firmly established in qualifying 2 with the club being represented by 3 senior and 5 mini/maxi teams. Each side is competing extremely well at their own level and we strive to improve with every new season. Our continuing success is attributed to the efforts of many people who carry out their duties with considerable pride and endeavour. The playing and training facilities are second to none and we hope to construct a new and modern clubhouse in the near future So why Academy?  Our ethos is simple “a family atmosphere within an amateur sports club”. We ensure every team supports each other and our social functions involve the entire club. It is this spirit in which I truly believe and I espouse the concept of playing rugby football whilst being part of something that belongs to us all. If this strikes a chord- then this is the club for you! We care not for politics creed or religious differences but are interested in all those who are interested in us. Our aspirations are great as we continue to grow and our future lies with our youth. I invite you to visit Academy RFC at any time I guarantee you will enjoy the experience!!

Adrian Brown


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