Mallusk Village Hub

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Academy Sports club is part of the Mallusk Village Improvement Consortium comprising 7 local organisations, led by Mallusk Community Action Group (MCAG). The regeneration of the village became an objective after it was acknowledged by Mallusk residents, local organisations and elected representatives that Mallusk residents have suffered from the negative effects of industrialisation, the decision to put a landfill site in the Village and a lack of public investment in community facilities. Community consultation has demonstrated a need for capital investment to regenerate the Village and give the community organisations the opportunity to develop and prosper



The main objectives of the village Improvement plan were:-

  1. Refurbishment of Academy Sports Club Premises
  2. Regeneration of Mallusk Village Hub Area (Mallusk Village Quarter)
  3. General Village Improvements
  4. Riverside Teaching Area
  5. Mallusk Cemetery

The social objectives of the project are…

  • For community organisations and local residents to have access to attractive and fit for purpose community and sports facilities


  • For local families to have access to affordable pre school education and child care
  • To improve the appearance of the Village for the benefit of residents and visitors
  • To highlight the rich natural and cultural heritage of the Village to residents and visitors

What next?

The Consortium are in the process of seeking funding to develop the unused space around the Academy Sports Club to turn it into a walkway and garden space for the use and benefit of the community. The Academy Sports Club is situated on the site of Rosevale Cottage, the home of William Morrison , the Bard of Mallusk. This space links Mallusk Primary School, the Mallusk Community Playgroup with the William Morrison playground. We would like to seek your views on whether you think this space at Academy Sport Club should be turned into a walkway and garden area and how we could create this as an attractive social space, a safe haven away from the noise and pollution generated by the main road through the village.


This survey is a key part of our funding application. The goal is to seek your views on the facilities and the need for the development and to consult on the amenities that could be provided within the space.
An Artist’s Impression of the Proposed Development



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