Race Sponsors and Winners

Night at The Races Winners

Horse Owner Owner
Race1 Horse 7 Katie Allen
Race 2 Horse 8 Katie Allen
Race 3 Horse 8 Enrico Bianchi Archie Hughes
Race 4 Horse 1 Archie Hughes Rory Gordon
Race 5 Horse 3 Alex Place Myles Ingram
Race 6 Horse 5 Jonny Campbell Tara Torrens
Race 7 Horse 8 Matthew Williamson Ethan Pavlovic
Race 8 Horse 8 Colin Salt Samuel Solomon

Race Sponsors

 diamon-heron-solicitors-belfast  gvani_logo  ultraproservices
 podiatry  081314_1325_NewMembersW1.png  tvs
 showersave security_installers-belfast  quinn_automatic


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